Actors – Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt, Daniel Huttlestone, James Corden

Plot – A baker and his wife would like to have a kid but a witch ( Meryl Streep) puts a curse on that family because of the baker’s father, who stole from the witches Garden. His father stole magic beans which made the the witch become a witch because of a spell her mother put on her. The only way they can have a child is if they retrieve 3 items: golden slipper, cow as white as milk, and hair as yellow as corn. Then we have the classic Cinderella tale. Then the jack in the bean stock tale.


My review – I had many different thoughts on this movie. It started peppy and enjoyable and I love looking at Anna Kendrick, but throughout the film I got annoyed. I got annoyed at the signing, because it wasn’t very good. Jack was a terrible singer and the Red Riding Hood wasn’t much better. I thought there would be more dialogue among the other actors but it was 90% singing which got me mad. The story was fine, you knew that the baker and his wife were going to find the three items, it was predictable. As for the Cinderella story, they didn’t really aim much on that aspect as I thought they would. They paid more attention to the baker and his wife trying to find the three items, yes Cinderella pretty much gave it to them but still focus on the other 3 stories in the movie. And the ending of this movie- HOLY SHIT- it kept going and going. I remember my dad telling me that he was going to go to the bathroom and I told him there’s only 5 minutes left…..nope more like 45 minutes, literally! They could of ended it around an hour and 35 minutes but they made it another 45 minutes and it didn’t make sense. The ending was very rushed I felt and not well put together. So from my review I say you should RENT THIS. I was going to say just leave it but honestly there were some funny parts and touching moments in this movie you may like.

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  1. susanmcmovies says:

    Do you have any prior knowledge of Into the Woods? It was originally a Broadway musical and it is at least 30 years old. I’m not saying you had the wrong idea, but you seem to have missed the point of this story, which is that it is about what happens after the happily ever after and it is a satire. If I were you I’d rent the filmed stage version of this starring Bernadette Peters, this newer film was changed a bit from the original (to make it Disney appropriate), so you are right to think some parts don’t make sense. Don’t permanently form a bad opinion about this musical until you have watched the Peters version or at least done some research on it. But you are right, it doesn’t need to be seen in theaters, except maybe for the sound quality of movie theater speakers, but not everyone cares about that.

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    • Keith says:

      Love Bernadette Peters. I remember watching this (or at least some of it) while taking a theatre arts class and thought it was pretty good. I, too, would recommend checking out that version.


  2. jpcrouse says:

    thanks a lot i will look into that !


  3. Personally I enjoyed this movie, although some of the casting choices could have been better overall it still had a good family friendly Disney-esque to it!

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  4. Mark V. says:

    Hey. Um, rather than give feedback on your first post, I’ve gone through everything you’ve posted for a better grasp on your style. You have a decent blog going with a good enough theme. It’ll take time, but eventually you’ll iron out the best format for your reviews by sticking around long enough and experimenting consistently. Tighter grammar, comprehension, structure and feel will also come with constant writing and experimenting on the kind of style you want the blog/site to feature/be known by.

    And like “susanmcmovies” stated above, it’s often best to watch something and then look up the background of it (directors/writers/whether it was from a book, play etc/other information) online before writing a review so you have a better grasp of translating what you’ve seen. This will all come with constant writing in time, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Good luck.

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  5. I might skip this movie all together. I’ve never been a fan of it, I’ve seen a couple theatrical productions and while they were good, it just didn’t catch my interest.

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