Director – Etan Cohen

Cast – Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Craig T. Nelson, Alison Brie, Edwina Findley Dickerson, Ariana Neal

Plot – James King, played by Will Ferrell, is a wealthy business man, has a hot wife, a huge life, and all the money he can want. Darnell, played by Kevin Hart, has his own car wash company in an underground parking garage, working really hard to get his daughter into a better school, and move his family out of his crappy house. After James King is sentenced to 10 years to a harsh jail, for a crime he doesn’t think he committed, he needs to learn how to become tough before he goes to jail, so he meets up with Darnell to teach him how to “get hard” and that’s pretty much the movie.


Review – I had high expectations going into this movie, just because of the two lead roles in it. Now, I’m not saying I did not enjoy the movie, but I thought I would like it a lot better than I actually did. Kevin Hart played the same role in this movie that he did in his last few. He talks really fast, says some funny shit, then expect us to laugh. But, he also had some real funny parts too, but for the most part it was the same kind of character. When I saw Will Ferrell, I thought to myself, “damn he is getting old”. You can just tell from how he looks he’s getting old. However, he was really funny I thought. He pretty much played the same kind of Will Ferrell guy you see in the movies. But, for the movie, the overall movie was predictable as shit. A lot of the jokes fell flat, and it seemed liked the big jokes were suppose to make you fall over laughing, but they didn’t, while the smaller jokes were really funny and made you laugh more than the bigger ones. Overall, the movie is what you think it would be, funny and stupid. At the end of the day i give this movie 3-5 stars.



About jpcrouse

Freshman at Iowa State University. I am majoring in Journalism and Communications. Movies are my passion. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. trstndms says:

    Just watched this as well. Left a much shorter opinionated review on mine felt about the same about it.

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