Director – Danny Steinmann

Cast – John Shepherd, Shaver Ross, Richard Young, Melanie Kinnaman

Plot – A couple of kids who need help with their mental issues and ticks go to a house to restart and get help, stumble onto Jason being awoken.




Review – I was bored today and did not have any homework so i decided to pick a seasonal movie for halloween coming up and I just stumbled on this piece of shit. I am a fan of the franchise in general, for the overall campy feel to it, but this addition to the series was just awful. The movie had so many useless characters that were solely on screen just to be killed off by Jason. Some people did not even have names, this one scene had two kids fixing a car in the middle of nowhere, one guy goes and takes a crap, then Jason just comes and kills them off both. At least with the previous films, Jason had a motive to kill, but in this movie he just gets woken up and goes on a random killing spree. And isn’t Jason suppose to be intimidating, because here he looked like a total pussy. Overall if you are looking for a good slasher film for the Halloween season DO NOT pick Friday the 13th Part V. It is an hour and a half on my life I will not get back.







About jpcrouse

Freshman at Iowa State University. I am majoring in Journalism and Communications. Movies are my passion. Hope you enjoy!

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