Director – Rob Zombie

Cast – Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Meg Foster, Elizabeth Daily, Richard Brake, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Jeff Daniel Phillips

Plot – When five carnies get kidnapped on Halloween and are forced to play a twisted game called 31. It consist of surviving for 12 hours against a bunch of maniacs.




Review – I am a big Rob Zombie fan in general and I was excited for this movie, hoping for another classic Rob Zombie movie. I heard mixed reviews about this film. The start of the movie right off the bat was brutal, but after the first scene the movie seemed to slow down a bit. Rob Zombie isn’t known for his dialogue in his movies, and this movie is no exception, because the dialogue is just bad. Every single movie that his wife is in (all of his movies) she does the same thing, stand there to look hot and badass, which she pulls off well. But, the overall movie I did enjoy. Just from the standpoint to be a gorefest and slasher the movie does it job. The villains are somewhat of a hit and miss though. No spoilers, but Death and Sex was just dumb. After you have two killer clowns, you have to top that somehow, and Death and Sex just disappointed. The overall verdict of this movie is that if you enjoy Rob Zombie movies, you will find enjoyment in this one for sure, but if you like more of a more “sophisticated” horror movie this isn’t for you. So, I will give this movie a…



About jpcrouse

Freshman at Iowa State University. I am majoring in Journalism and Communications. Movies are my passion. Hope you enjoy!

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