Director – Wes Craven 

Cast – Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Elise Neal, Jerry O’Connell, Liev Schreiber 

Plot – Sidney Prescott is now in college, and trying to forget about her past. With the new movie “Stab” premiering, about the killings that happened to Sidney and her friends back in highchool, the killer or killers are back for stalk them in college. 

Review – Everyone knows that horror movie sequels are rarely as good as the original. With Scream 2 however, Wes Craven brings us a special movie that brings the charm from the first movie to this sequel. The best thing about the Scream Franchise is that it knows what it is. This movie knows it’s a sequel and even brings that point across during the film. Also, this movie breaks the 4th wall a couple times which is always fun to see if done right in a film. The reason I loved the first Scream movie is because it brings all the tropes and clichés modern day horror movies do and make fun of them. For the acting in this movie, there are some ups and downs. Neve Campbell plays the same character as the first movie, but you can tell she’s still dealing with her past. Dewey is my favorite in this series. He is funny, likeable, and an overall good guy when he is trying to help the people around him. If you haven’t seen this sequel and enjoyed the first Scream, you will enjoy it almost as much as the first. But you will have to see the original before this movie because it ties back and talks about the past. I’ll give Scream 2 a…


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Freshman at Iowa State University. I am majoring in Journalism and Communications. Movies are my passion. Hope you enjoy!

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